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What is the New Evangelization and what does it mean for the Church?
SYDNEY, Australia, August 9, 2012 -- The new evangelization is a challenge. In fact, it is a great challenge that the Church accepts in order to confirm once more the presence of the Risen Christ, who guides her through history.

Pope Says:
True Greatness Found
in Humble Service

- Pope Benedict XVI says that the path to real greatness in life is not found in self-promotion but in sacrificial love towards God and other people. 

How to Win the Culture War
FEATURE ESSAY: To win any war, the three most necessary things to know are: (1) that you are at war, (2) who your enemy is, and (3) what weapons or strategies can defeat him. You cannot win a war (1) if you simply sew peace banners on a battlefield, (2) if you fight civil wars against your allies, or (3) if you use the wrong weapons.

San Diego Leaders Share their Story
From Hesitant Observers to Front Line Leaders
"Being Strong Catholic Not Enough"
SAN FRANCISCO, December 30, 2011 -- Amy and Jon Vance, CCG leaders in San Diego, share their story of how they became involved in the marriage movement. Like many of us, they were reluctant at first to speak on the issue. Now they are in the front lines, working with media, and leading others throughout their community. They share their story with us.

Young People Give Pope Hope for 2012
VATICAN CITY, December 16, 2011 -- Pope Benedict XVI believes the various crises that afflicted society in 2011 can be met with hope in the coming year if parents introduce young people to Jesus and teach them Christian values.

The Commandment of Assisi:
"Purify your own faith"
ASSISI, ITALY, October, 26, 2011 -- This is the way "so that the true God becomes accessible." The speech of pope Joseph Ratzinger to the "pilgrims of truth" gathered in the city of Saint Francis.

- With the campaign for the 2012 presidential race gaining speed, the U.S. Catholic bishops are saying that their 2007 statement on the political responsibilities of Catholics must not be misused or distorted to justify supporting candidates that do not adhere to Church teaching.

Blessed John Paul the Great, inpiration for Catholics for the Common Good & Stand with Children Project on marriage and family
Blessed John
Paul II

John Paul II: A Modern Day Thomas Aquinas?
His Impact on the Church and this Movement
SAN FRANCISCO, April 29, 2011-- This weekend will be historic as we witness the beatification of John Paul the Great, the person who was the inspiration for Catholics for the Common Good and so many other movements for the evangelization of culture. Father Richard Hogan has called John Paul the Great the Thomas Aquinas of our time.

Using Language of New Media for Evangelization
Language Shapes How People Think
VATICAN CITY, February 28, 2011 - At midday today, Benedict XVI received participants in the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications who are currently meeting to reflect on the question of language and new technology.

The Role of the Laity in Ecclesial Forgiveness
In this theologically rich and thought provoking reflection on forgiveness, Cardinal Stafford explores the modern emphasis on reconciliation, the truly Christian nature of forgiveness revealed by the Father in Christ and the laity’s role in the ecclesial participation in this forgiveness as an authentic means of Church renewal.

Dissolving Silos in the Church
VATICAN, December 2006 -- In the current situation in the West, in any case, Christian morality seems to be divided into two parts.

Witnessing our Faith
In at a time when people are trying to exclude our faith from public life, let's respond by bringing our faith, bringing Jesus , to the streets. See video.

A Ratzinger from Four Centuries Ago. In Beijing
Critical to the the mission of evangelization (and evangelization of culture) is to learn the language of the culture and speak in terms people can understand. Great examples of this are the appearance of Our Lady of Guadaulpe in central Mexico and the approach used by Matteo Ricci in the evangelization of China. What can we learn from these examples? Interestingly, Italian journalist, Sandro Magister has observed what he calls, "the remarkable resemblance between the missionary method of Matteo Ricci in seventeenth-century China and the dialogue between Christianity and cultures proposed today by Benedict XVI"

Important Papal Address--Faith and Politics
LONDON, September 17, 2010-- Pope Benedict XVI delevered a key note address at Westminstier Hall discussing the marginailation of religion, especially Christianity, in discussion of public policy, morality and ethics. He focuses on the critical intercection of faith and reason.

Catholics for the Common Good board member, Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP, explores the nature of the common good and the particular responsibility of the laity for its discernment and proposal to the culture. The Fathers of the Second Vatican Council declared that "the laity... are called by God to exercise their apostolate in the world like leaven, with the ardor of the spirit of Christ" (Apostolicam actuositatem §2). But how are lay Catholics supposed to put this duty into practice?

Fr. Sweeeney is President of the Dominican School of  Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, CA.

This is the second lecture in the Manhattan Forum series sponsored by the St. Anthony of Padua Institute. In this lecture, "The Common Good and the Lay Apostolate."

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