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Catholic Witness Based on Reason
Explained by Cardinal Pell

SYDNEY, Australia, October 3, 2007-- Cardinal George Pell, archbishop of Sydney, provided a superb example of employing reason to argue positions prompted by the faith in his response to the report clearing him of contempt of Parliament over the comments he made about parliamentarians voting to support stem-cell research legislation earlier this year.
The Cardinal's response is an important example of arguing effectively in public debate- read the statement to learn more.

The Danger of Criticizing Bishops and Priests
A Response to Corruption

In the thirteenth century many priests were involved in seeking wealth and having a pleasant life. They hardly preached at all, virtually never studied, and paid for important positions so that they could get even more money. A number of priests openly lived with women, causing great scandal. Some of the bishops lived in unbelievable wealth, and would sell Church positions to keep their rich life style. Many of the people were just as bad as their leaders.

Catholics for the Common Good advisor, Raymond L Flynn

Don't Be a "Spectator Catholic" Says Former Boston Mayor
OAKLAND, May 21, 2007 - Ray Flynn, the former Boston mayor and one-time U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, has declared an end to the era of the spectator Catholic.

Former U.S. Ambassador Raymond L. Flynn to the Vatican and former mayor of Boston

Flynn Calls for Catholic Action
At a recent members-only dinner, the San Francisco chapter of Catholics for the Common Good honored CCG advisor, Ambassador Raymond Flynn. After speaking for a time about his personal relationship with Pope John Paul II, the former US Ambassador to the Vatican under the Clinton Administration and three-time Mayor of Boston spoke poignantly to the sold out dinner about the responsibility of Catholics to be informed and active participants in the political process of the United States.

Guidelines for Advocating in Parishes or on Church Property
Political participation for Catholics is not only an opportunity but also an obligation. However, it is critical to respect the pastors prerogative and adhere to strict guidelines provided by the legal counsel of the bishops when engaged in lobbying or political activity on Church property.

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