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All the Single Laity
“It is not good that the man should be alone.”
WASHINGTON, DC, September 24, 2013 -- Being alone is the first thing God pronounces “not good,” after so many proclamations of the goodness of His creation. And yet being alone is an increasingly common condition in American life. The latest Census data found that over a quarter of Americans lived alone, up from 17 percent in 1970. Marriages happen later and less frequently than they used to. Catholic parishes have mostly responded to this change in two ways, neither of which are the most fruitful approaches to ending our solitude.

- In a new wide-ranging interview, Pope Francis called for Christians to “heal wounds” in society by sharing the entirety of the Church’s message, offering the proper context for its spiritual and moral teaching.

Archbishop Charles Chaput
Changing Our Culture
With the Fire of Faith

COLORADO SPRINGS, August 13, 2013 -- My task today is talking about our culture, and how we might change and renew it. And I’m glad to do that. But I’d like to begin with a few observations.

Bishop Paul Sirba of Duluth, MN

Appreciating the
‘Source and Summit of Christian Life’
For Jesus, it wasn’t enough that he was born in a barn. It wasn’t enough that he lived 30 years of his life in anonymity. It wasn’t enough that he spent three years of his life tirelessly preaching and teaching and working miracles. And it wasn’t enough that our Lord embraced the agony in the garden, the cruel scourging and crowning with thorns, the ignominious way of the cross, and dying and rising in order to save us.

Cardinal O'Malley

Women in the Church
Pope Urge a Deeper Theology
-- Recent comments by Pope Francis on the role of women in the Church not only assert that their status does not depend on ordination, but call for a developed “theology of women,” says a Catholic analyst.

Catholics For The Common Good Pope FrancisThe Self-Righteous 'Can Cook
In Their Own Stew,' Says Pope

VATICAN CITY, July 7, 2013--In order to do the Lord’s work, Pope Francis said, we should remember our first encounter with Jesus, in which we were invited to recognize our own sinfulness and experience his loving gaze.

In Encyclical, Pope Says Catholics For The Common Good Pope Francis
'Light Of Faith'
Must Transform Lives

VATICAN CITY, July 5, 2013--The encyclical can be accessed in CNA’s resource section, found here  In his first encyclical, “Lumen Fidei,” or “The Light of Faith,” Pope Francis highlighted the need to let Christ’s love transform and renew our lives, so that we may transmit our faith to the world.

Catholics For The Common Good Blessed John Paul IIFormer Popes John Paul II And
John XXIII To Be Canonized

VATICAN CITY, July 5, 2013--Pope Francis has approved the cause for canonization of two previous Popes, Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII.

Catholics For The Common Good Pope FrancisPope: It's Wrong To Think Our
Enemies Must Go To Hell

VATICAN CITY, June 20, 2013--Pope Francis stressed that it's false to think our enemies “must go to hell” during his daily Mass at the Vatican's Saint Martha House June 20.

Vatican Theologians Approve Catholics For The Common Good Blessed JPII
Second Miracle Of John Paul II

VATICAN CITY, June 19, 2013--Theologians at the Congregation for the Causes of Saints have approved a second miracle granted through the intercession of Blessed John Paul II, moving him closer to being declared a saint.

California Conference Aims To
Help Build Catholic Culture

NAPA, CA, Jun 7, 2013--Leading Catholics will gather in California's Napa Valley this August for the third annual Napa Institute Conference to discuss the sanctity of work and how to build Catholic culture in a secular society.

Catholics For The Common Good General AudiencePope Stresses Threats To Human
Person On Environment Day

VATICAN CITY, June 5, 2013--Pope Francis said that it is urgent to focus on people and not just on nature on World Environment Day.

Catholics For The Common Good Bishop BarberBishop Michael Barber Ordained
Fifth Bishop of Oakland

'I know that I am unworthy'
OAKLAND, CA, May 27, 2013--On Saturday, May 25, at Christ the Light Cathedral, Father Michael Barber was ordained and installed as the fifth bishop of the diocese of Oakland. Eighteen bishops attended the event, including the second, third and fourth bishops of Oakland: Bishop Emeritus John Cummins, Archbishop Allen Vigneron, and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, apostolic nuncio to the United States was in attendance. The cathedral was filled to overflowing—at least 300 ticketed guests watched the ordination outside of the cathedral on a big screen video. 

Catholics for the Common Department of Health and Human Services

Americans Encouraged to Join Mounting Opposition to Mandate
With six days remaining to file public comments on the federal contraception mandate, one Catholic leader is calling on Americans to join more than 140,000 concerned citizens in speaking out against the regulation.

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