Vive il Papa! Vive Pope Benedict XVI!

Catholics for the Common Good rejoices with Catholics around the world on the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the papacy.

“We are filled with great confidence and hope for the future with our new Pope, Benedict XVI,” said Bill May, Chairman of Catholics for the Common Good. “He is immensely qualified to provide the spiritual leadership and guidance the Church needs at this time. Cardinal Ratzinger was Pope John Paul II’s right-hand-man and there is no one better suited to continue his legacy. He is a deeply spiritual man and has a reputation for being a good listener and a person with a deep concern for the poor, the weak and the vulnerable.”

“Pope Benedict XVI is a man of great intellect, and understanding of the human condition,” said Kelly Connelly, Treasurer and director of Catholics for the Common Good. “He has a proven good record, and we can trust him to be a great teacher and spiritual leader of faith and doctrine. Our new Pope is a humble and holy man, dedicated to discerning the truths of faith and morals. He will continue the efforts of Pope John Paul II for embracing youth, the hope for the future, unifying the Church, and providing clear spiritual and doctrinal direction. We know that he has the courage and compassion to lead the flock and to address vital issues of the world — on peace, justice, poverty and human freedom.”

Statement by CCG on the election of Pope Benedict XVI
April 19, 2005

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